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In each of the programs at Day Nursery, children are provided with activities that meet their emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs. Developmentally appropriate and play-based learning experiences are emphasized. Daily learning experiences includes a substantial amount of time outdoors. Activities conducted outdoors offer children exposure to new experiences and opportunities for exploration. Additionally, it promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. Since children vary greatly in their development, prior experiences, abilities and interests, teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and make decisions about what strategy to use in a particular situation. Many approaches to Early Childhood Education can be considered both developmentally appropriate and play-based. Teachers are encouraged to use their creativity and expertise to integrate new and exciting elements of these approaches into their daily activity planning. Using a variety of methods allows teachers to better meet the needs of each individual child. Parents are always encouraged to talk with their child’s teachers about the daily activities and how they enhance the child’s development and learning.

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